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Flathead Housing Crisis
Civil and business leaders from across the Flathead Valley gathered in Whitefish Nov. 17 to talk about the area's growing affordable housing problem during a forum hosted by the Flathead County Democrats. The event was co-sponsored by the Northwest Montana Association of Realtors, the Kalispell Education Association and NeighborWorks Montana.
Ed Docter, owner of a bar and ski shop in Whitefish, didn’t think he’d have any problems finding help this summer, even in the midst of a nationwide labor shortage. After all, Montana Tap House and Tamarack Ski Shop offer competitive wages and a fun atmosphere. But reality caught up with Docter in August when he had to cancel his regular lunch service for about a month because he was short-staffed. Economists say there are a number of reasons for the labor shortages pinching communities across the country, from people being choosier about what they do for work to retirement — but Docter and many others in Whitefish place the blame squarely on a lack of affordable housing.
Why Put a Price on Carbon?
The Citizens Climate Lobby believes carbon pricing is the single most powerful tool available to reduce America’s carbon pollution.
BA carbon tax becomes affordable for ordinary Americans when the money collected from fossil fuel companies is given as a dividend, or “carbon cash back” payment, to every American to spend with no restrictions. This protects low-and-middle-income Americans who otherwise might not be able to afford the transition. Studies show that the monthly carbon cash back payments are enough to essentially cover increased costs of 85% of American households, including 95% of the least wealthy 60% of Americans. This type of carbon tax is called a “carbon fee and dividend”. Citizens’ Climate Lobby has been advocating for this policy for over a decade.

Campus Open-Carry Barred
A district court has barred Montana from enforcing permitless carry on college campuses, prompting an immediate appeal by Attorney General Austin Knudsen.
On Tuesday, Lewis and Clark County District Court Judge Michael McMahon struck down provisions of Montana’s new “constitutional carry” law that apply to college campuses, ruling that the law violates the constitutional authority of the Montana Board of Regents. The board filed the lawsuit against the state in May. In his order, issued shortly after the latest round of oral arguments in the case, McMahon said the Montana Constitution grants the Board of Regents (BOR) sole power to determine firearm policies on campuses within the Montana University System. McMahon permanently barred the state from applying or enforcing provisions of the new law on those campuses.The order settles, at the district court level, a case that arose from the Legislature’s passage of House Bill 102, which revised state gun laws in part to allow concealed carry on campuses and was signed into law by Gov. Greg Gianforte Feb. 18.


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