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Florida's Red Flag Laws
These laws, championed by Republicans, have taken thousands of guns from people.
Twice a week from her courtroom, Florida 13th Circuit Court Judge Denise Pomponio decides who in Hillsborough County can no longer be trusted with a gun. In just the last two months, she has taken away the firearm privileges of dozens of people, including a dad accused of threatening to "shoot everyone" at his son's school, a woman who police say attempted suicide and then accidentally shot her boyfriend during a struggle for her revolver, a husband who allegedly fired multiple rounds in the street to "blow off steam" after losing a family member, a bullied 13-year-old witnesses overheard saying, "If all of 8th grade is missing tomorrow you will know why," and a mother arrested for brandishing a handgun at another mom after a school bus incident between their daughters
Ukraine’s Farmers Fight on the Front Line of Global Food Crisis
The country is a key producer of sunflower oil, wheat, corn and even honey, and the effects are being felt everywhere.
Ukraine is the world’s largest producer of sunflower oil and ranks among the top six exporters of wheat, corn, chicken and even honey. The money it earns from agriculture — $28 billion last year — is now more vital because of the war effort, and the produce more critical for a world where record prices are raising concerns about food security. Egypt and Turkey, which rely on Russian and Ukrainian grain, are grappling with skyrocketing inflation. The government in Cairo is considering raising the price of subsidized bread for the first time in four decades.
Funding for Wind Farm Approved
Construction will start this summer on a new-to-Montana concept that developers say addresses inconsistency of wind power. The wind farms will rely on 96 turbines and will be built between Reedpoint and Rapelje.
The homes are few and far between on the high plains that sweep between Rapelje and Reed Point. Though remote, the area is poised to mark a first in Montana: a place where the power of wind will be stored. Last month, Stillwater County approved two phases of a wind farm that will incorporate large batteries for storing energy. The new-to-Montana concept addresses what skeptics fault about wind power: that it’s inconsistent and unreliable. The batteries offer a way to offset the vagaries of wind by storing excess energy when demand is low and tapping that energy when demand peaks.

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