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Libraries Matter
Public libraries may seem to have lost their relevance in the wake of ebooks and Amazon. However, they are centers for community connection, learning, and growth. Libraries help sustain strong democracies.
Libraries bring together people from different walks of life. Books help us see the world through others’ eyes and develop empathy for those not like ourselves. Libraries are also one of the few places in our country that serve literally everyone no matter their race, gender, socioeconomic status, or any other “category” that may apply.
Telemedicine Abortion Ban
Gov. Greg Gianforte is expected to sign a bill into law that would ban telemedicine abortions. Opponents of the bill contend that this ban would affect rural residents who do not have easy access to clinics.
"About 40% of all abortions in the U.S. are now done through medication — rather than surgery — and that option has become all the more pivotal during the COVID-19 pandemic."

Mining Impacts on Fisheries
Teck Industries operates a mountain-top coal mine in British Columbia. In 2019, one of their own studies showed that 90% of the cutthroat population  roughly 35 miles downstream from the mine had disappeared.
Water quality monitors from both the U.S. and Canada say that the mine causes significant ecological damage. "On March 26, Teck pleaded guilty to two counts of illegally discharging selenium and other pollutants into the watershed and paid a $60 million fine — the largest of its kind in Canadian history. "

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