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The Affordable Housing Crisis and Solutions
Residents of the Flathead Valley, and across the country, are being priced out of housing. https://dailyinterlake.com/news/2021/jun/08/many-priced-out-homes-flathead-valley/ One solution to this growing problem is to eliminate single-family zoning.
"Social scientists broadly agree that bans on multifamily housing are bad for housing affordability, bad for racial equality, and bad for the environment. Yet there has been a political consensus that changing these long-entrenched policies is out of the question. In neighborhood debates about planning and zoning policy, the loudest voices usually belong to people who are satisfied with the status quo."

How to Get Involved in Local Politics
Many of us were dismayed by the outcome of our local elections in 2020. You may be wondering how you can get involved and make a difference.  One key way is to get involved in your local government.
"Did you know that there are over 500,000 elected offices in the United States and that most of them sit within 89,000 local governments? Local governments run our city utilities, libraries, fire departments, public swimming pools, parks, local law enforcement, and schools, just to name a few. Local government consists of city councilmembers, mayors, county commissioners, sheriffs, and school boards. Local government touches every aspect of your life and affects how well you and your fellow community members can thrive in society. If you aren’t sure where to start with local government, here are three first steps."
What Is the Role of a State Attorney General?
"Montana’s top lawyer is leading the charge in the state’s political feuds. More than a dozen Montana lawyers and former Supreme Court justices are sounding alarms."
"In Montana’s evolving and historically unusual feud between the Legislature and the judiciary, Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen has openly courted controversy. In the last three months, Knudsen and his staff have been accused of disrespecting the state Supreme Court, disrupting the judicial process and refusing to accept a court order. Outside of court, legal observers say Knudsen has improperly inserted the attorney general’s office into polarizing culture-war issues. "


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