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Republican Meltdown
Tim Alberta, political correspondent for Politico Magazine, struggles to answer the question "What does it mean to be a Republican?"
"Donald Trump’s party is the very definition of a cult of personality. It stands for no special ideal. It possesses no organizing principle. It represents no detailed vision for governing. Filling the vacuum is a lazy, identity-based populism that draws from that lowest common denominator."
The Power of Photography
Learn how Black suffragists used photographic images to expand their message, illustrate their stories, and take up space in the political movements of their time.
"With precious little scholarship about many women of color in the suffrage movement, these images become invaluable conduits to the past." Read more about the role of photography in "For Black Suffragists, the Lens Was a Mighty Sword."
Trump Weakens Pollution Rules
Obama era regulations required coal plants to upgrade their wastewater systems to treat heavy metals. The Trump administration is loosening those regulations.
“It’s clear from this rule that a relatively inexpensive treatment technology is available...that would eliminate the toxic contamination of drinking water supplies and is very affordable. And yet they did not require it."

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